The Torquematic Series Utility Vehicle is the most trusted utility vehicle in underground mining.

Minemaster Torquematic Underground Mining Utility Vehicle
Minemaster Torquematic Underground Mining Utility Vehicle

The MINEMASTER® Torquematic GEN III is a robust and reliable all-in-one mining vehicle. The modular design is the result of over 5 years of continuous research and development. The Torquematic can be equipped with a wide variety of attachments, allowing one unit to handle multiple tasks with ease while reducing
overall equipment cost. The heavy-duty, solid steel construction is capable of lifting 6,000 lbs. with the forklift attachment and 1,500 lbs. with the jib crane attachment. The Torquematic is the go-to machine for a mid-size, underground, multi-purpose vehicle.


+ CANMET certified diesel engines
+ Fully upgraded electrical system
+ Heavy-duty frame
+ Heavy-duty skid plate for protection
+ Walk-through operator compartment
+ High ground clearance
+ Protective operator guards
+ Non slip 3-point access on all entry points
+ Finite element analysis mechanical components
+ Operator and passenger suspension seating

Front Attachments

+ Loader Assembly (Bucket or forks)
+ Scissor Lift
+ Manbasket
+ Cable Pusher

Rear Attachments

+ Personnel Carrier (2-9 Person Capacity)
+ Forklift Mast
+ Backhoe
+ Jib Crane
+ Cable Reel
+ Manbasket
+ Scissor Lift
+ Shotcreter