MM1140EV – Underground Electric Personnel Carrier

The MineMaster® MM1140EV is a state-of-the-art underground mining battery electric personnel carrier built for the harsh underground mine environment. The MM1140EV has many advantages compared to it’s diesel counterpart such as lower maintenance costs, lower noise levels and no emissions. Torque is provided by a 50hp electric motor with plenty of torque for climbing hills and the lithium iron phosphate battery provides up to 29.5 kWh of energy. The North American standard charging protocol J1772 provides 0-100% charge times of 2.5 hours for quick charge turnaround. 

Similar to its diesel counterpart, the MM1140EV is fully upgraded with the standard MineMaster RTV upgrade kit and can be further customized as a personnel, utility, or service vehicle to meet any need.

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Specs & Features 

Strong Points 

+ Permanent magnet AC motor: 24kW and IP67

+ 30kWh battery package

+ Heavy-duty skid plates for protection 

+ Color vehicle control display

+ Non slip 3-point access on all entry points 

+ Wet disc brakes 


+ 2 and 4 Man Carriers 

+ Cab Options Available (with heat and AC) 


+ Low Profile Package 

+ EMS Carrier Package