MM430L – Diesel Underground Utility Vehicle 

The MineMaster® 430 is a state-of-the-art, multipurpose underground utility mine vehicle. A heavy-duty articulating frame allows for exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces and the interchangeable rear attachment can be configured with a variety of options. Optional attachments include a heavy-duty mining backhoe, shotcrete spray arms, man baskets and more. The extensive line of optional equipment allows your mine to reduce the number of vehicles required for the job and reduce overall equipment cost.

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At MineMaster we are experts at custom equipment, send us a message with your specific project requirements and we will build you a utility vehicle that meets your needs.

Specs & Features 

Strong Points 

+ Fully upgraded electrical system

+ Heavy-duty frame

+ Stainless steel dash and heavy-duty switches

+ Walk-through operator compartment

+ Inching pedal

+ High ground clearance

+ Protective operator guards

+ Non slip 3-point access on all entry points

+ Safety starting system

Front Options

+ Loader: bucket or pallet forks 

+ Forklift Mast: solid or folding forks

+ Pallet Fork 

+ Bucket 

+ Manbasket 

+ Tire Manipulator

+ Sweeper 


Articulating Frame 

40°  of articulation

-8°  of oscillation 

Operator Compartment  

+ Operator Guard


+ Cab 

+ Canopy 

Rear Options

+ Backhoe: standard, rotating, or side shifting 

+ Bucket, scraper blade or hydraulic breaker 

+ Man Basket