• *Diesel MM530 shown in photos*

MM530EV – Underground Electric Mining Forklift

The MineMaster® electric MM530EV mine forklift is a state-of-the-art battery electric vehicle (BEV) for the mining industry. Easily capable of lifting 6000lbs on the forklift mast the MM530 is the BEV utility forklift that modern mining operations need.

The MM530EV is currently in the prototype phase. Contact us for more information.

Specs & Features 

Tech Specs
+ Battery: 144ah 360v LiFePO4 battery
+ Motor: 50kW rated power
+ Hydrostatic transmission
+ SAHR wet axle brakes
+ 12 inch operator screen

+ 1+ hours of uphill drive time
+ 2-3 hours flat drive time
+ 4 hour full charge time

Safety Systems
+ Electronic BMS for battery safety and control
+ Automatic brake system
+ Electronic fault monitoring and reporting
+ Datalogging