MMRTV Series – Underground Diesel Personnel Carrier

The MineMaster® RTV Series is a highly versatile underground mining vehicle, the RTV can be customized as a personnel, utility or service vehicle to meet the needs of many demanding underground mine environments. As a personnel vehicle, it can be configured as a 2- or a 4-personnel carrier. As a utility vehicle, it can be equipped with a rear carrier, built-in toolboxes, rear work platform or a rear hydraulic tilt bed. When operating as a service vehicle, it can be equipped with a winch, generator, and air compressor for servicing other equipment. The RTV Series Carriers can also be configured as an EMS vehicle. 

Specs & Features 

Strong Points 

+ CANMET certified diesel engines 

+ MineMaster harness and lighting system 

+ Heavy-duty skid plates for protection 

+ Walk-through operator compartment 

+ High ground clearance (9″-11″) 

+ Non slip 3-point access on all entry points 

+ Safety-interlock starting system 

Operator Compartment

+ Standard ROPS (SAE J2194 & OSHA 1928) 

+ Optional ROPS/FOPS (CSA & ISO Level 2 open ROPS)

+ Optional enclosed cab 

+ Optional steel canopy 

Rear Options

+ Hydraulic bed-lift : expandable cargo bed operable in 2 or 4-seat configuration 

+ Personnel carrier: up to 2-personnel in cargo bed  

+ Rear work platform 

+ Built-in toolboxes 

+ Generator & air compressor 

+ Emergency Medical Service kit (EMS) 

X Series Design Improvements 

+ Improved ergonomics 

+ Improved comfort and convenience 

+ Excellent ride and terrain-ability

+ Improved durability 

+ Retains workhorse capabilities