MineTractor T4 – Underground Mining Tractor

The MineMaster® MineTractor T4 is the all in one underground mining tractor and utility vehicle. The Minetractor MMT4 is cost effective and customizable with many different accessories and configuration options. With standard front and rear attachment points the MMT4 can be configurated for a variety of underground jobs which reduces the number of mobile equipment units required for operations.

The MMT4 underground mine tractor can be configured with a rear backhoe, rear shotcrete spray arm, personnel carrier, jib crane, scissor lift and more.

The front attachment can be configured with a straight mast with up to 6000lbs capacity or a front-end loader. The front-end loader option features a standard skid steer quick coupler with built-in auxiliary hydraulics and standard front-end accessories are: pallet forks, bucket, manbasket, and more. A standard front-end loader coupling enables you to use any attachment from any manufacturer that supports the skid steer coupler.

Specs & Features 

Strong Points 

+ Strong base with multiple configuration options

+ Standard 6-place seating

+ Multiple configuration options

+ Optional ISO ROPS

+ Heavy-duty electrical system

+ Mine-spec lighting


+ Built with highly available components

+ Standard wheel chock and fire extinguisher location

+ SAHR multi-wet disc emergency disc brakes

+ Multi-wet service brakes

+ Proven transmission and powertrain

+ Standard front and rear attachments

+ Electric over hydraulic joystick 

+ Remote control options 

Front Attachments 

+ Forklift Mast (6000lbs capacity)

+ Front-end loader (5500 lbs capacity)

+ Standard Skid Steer Coupler

+ Standard High Flor Hydraulics 

+ Manbaskets 

Rear Attachments 

+ Man carrier

+ Shotcrete arm

+ Backhoe

+ Forklift mast

+ Scissor Lift

+ Rear Jib Crane 

+ Flat Deck

MM MineTractor Custom Designs

MMT4 Underground Mining Tractor (L-410)

MMT4 10-Person Man Carrier (L-412)