Underground Diesel Personnel Carrier 

MM1140 Series

The MineMaster® MM1140 Series is a highly versatile and rugged machine that can be customized as a personnel, utility or service vehicle to meet the needs of many demanding underground environments. As a personnel vehicle, it can be configured as a 2- or a 4-personnel carrier. As a utility vehicle, it can be equipped with a rear carrier, built-in toolboxes, rear work platform or a rear hydraulic tilt bed. When operating as a service vehicle, it can be equipped with a winch, generator, and air compressors for servicing other equipment. The MM1140 Series can also be configured as an EMS vehicle. The rough terrain of the harsh underground environment is no match for the 1140 Series, which can be customized based on individual needs and requirements.

Specs & Features 

Strong Points 

+ CANMET certified diesel engines 

+ MineMaster harness and lighting system 

+ Heavy-duty skid plates for protection 

+ Walk-through operator compartment 

+ High ground clearance (9″-11″) 

+ Non slip 3-point access on all entry points 

+ Safety-interlock starting system 

Operator Compartment

+ Standard ROPS (SAE J2194 & OSHA 1928) 

+ Optional ROPS/FOPS (CSA & ISO Level 2 open ROPS)

+ Optional enclosed cab 

+ Optional steel canopy 

Rear Options

+ Hydraulic bed-lift : expandable cargo bed operable in 2 or 4-seat configuration 

+ Personnel carrier: up to 2-personnel in cargo bed  

+ Rear work platform 

+ Built-in toolboxes 

+ Generator & air compressor 

+ Emergency Medical Service kit (EMS) 

X Series Design Improvements 

+ Improved ergonomics 

+ Improved comfort and convenience 

+ Excellent ride and terrain-ability

+ Improved durability 

+ Retains workhorse capabilities