Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Equipment, Pipeline Equipment

We are MineMaster, we have been building mining equipment for 40+ years and we are ready to work with oil and gas companies to provide custom or standard equipment for any scenario. 

Most of our equipment transitions into the oil and gas/pipeline industry seamlessly. Our underground personnel carriers can be used for surveyors as well as crews to access remote areas while also lugging needed equipment. Our material handling machines are versatile vehicles that have industry leading lift capacity and optional equipment.

Mine-Tested Solutions for Oil and Gas

  • Large Tractor vehicle
  • 5,500 lbs lift capacity
  • 6-Person Man carrier by default
  • Standard rear attachment point compatible with backhoe or other options
  • 6,000lbs or 4,500lbs telehandler for material handling
  • Manbasket capable for inspections and areal work
  • Diesel personnel carriers for rough terrain
  • Slow speed for safe operation
  • 4-Person carrier with 1,300lbs capacity.
  • Enclosed cab options with heat and AC
  • Articulated Masted Forklift or loader
  • 6,000 lbs lift capacity
  • Standard rear attachment point compatible with backhoe or other options
MineMaster industrial upgrades not included in standard mobile equipment
  • 3-point contact anti-slip coatings
  • Enclosed wet disc brakes
  • Optional ROPS/FOPS, upgraded skid plates, and other operator safety features
  • Speed limiting and overload warning kits optional

Our Custom Projects

We build custom equipment to fit your needs. We have a variety of ready-to-build custom vehicle and attachment designs.



Roll Over Protective Structures and Fall Over Protective Structures improve operator safety by providing certified protection from falling objects. MineMaster ROPS are designed to CSA B352.0-16 or ISO 3471/3449.

Man Baskets

Man Baskets

Man Baskets provide additional value to any MineMaster utility vehicle by getting personnel into more work areas without requiring additional pieces of mobile equipment

Lidar Mount

Custom Mount Kit

Custom equipment needs specialty mounting brackets and arms. We work with customers to fit any device on any piece of mobile equipment: trucks, UTVs, forklifts.

Forklift Sling Device

Forklift Sling Devices

Slinging forklift loads must be done with great care to reduce load shift and forklift topple risk. MineMaster forklift slinging devices are specifically designed and tested to work with MineMaster material handling equipment. 

We are committed to providing our customers with solutions that work for specific requirements. Contact us to get started with your project

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