Apollo Underground Mine Telehandler

Pre-delivery photo of an Apollo 26.6 Mine Telehandler leaving for a Long-Term rental Contract. This Unit shipped with a Man Basket, Forks, and a Bucket. Making it a great all-around tool for any mining contractor. 

Apollo Underground Mine Telehandler
Apollo Underground Mine Telehandler

About the Apollo Mine Telehandler

The MineMaster Apollo Mine Telehandler is built at factory with the underground environment in mind. It features a clean Kubota 74HP Diesel engine and a Rexroth hydrostatic Transmission. Most Components on the Apollo can be repaired locally and very few are OEM proprietary. 


  • The Apollo Mine Telehandler features Mining Specific Dana Axles. These axles Feature both SAHR Multi-Wet emergency brakes and Multi-Wet Service Brakes. This eliminates the need for any aftermarket brakes including dry caliper and driveline brakes that add complexity and cost.  

Hydraulic System

  • The Hydraulic system is optimized for underground Mining. At 70L hydraulic system the apollo is ready to go underground without the installation of fire suppression in most jurisdictions.  


  • The Apollo Mine Telehandler has a quick connect coupler that enables the operation with many attachments. Including forks, buckets, Cranes, Man baskets and more. All Apollo Mine Telehandlers come with a Man Basket preconfiguration package. This enables safe bleed down of boom, and basket operated controls if desired.  

Tire Selection

Underground Mine Telehandlers are prone to flats. When carrying a load, the front tires bear most of the load and tend to get leaks or flats. The Apollo Mine Telehandler tire features either Solid Mining Tires, or 26Ply Pnumatic Aircraft Grade tires.  

Underground rentals are an important part of the mining Business. They keep Mining contractors and sites running. MineMaster/ Tracks and Wheels offers both short- and long-term rentals on most of our products.  

Contact us if you have any questions, or would like to discuss equipment! 


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