Apollo Telehandler 

The Apollo 26.6 Underground Telehandler is a 5700lbs capacity forklift engineered and designed for underground use.

The Apollo 26.6 is the leader when it comes to underground telehandlers. The Apollo has a industry leading 5700lbs capacity, wile maintaining in a small footprint. It comes standard with important safety features including : axle load sensors, deadman switched on controls, manbasket stability package, and more.


+ Optional Fire Supression (70L Hydraulic Oil)
+ Sealed Axle Brakes ( No Driveline brakes)
+ CANMET certified diesel engines
+ MineMaster Harness and Lighting System
+ Heavy-duty skid plates for protection
+ Simple Design and Compononets

Front Attachments:

+ Standard Forks
+ Fork Positioner
+ Manbaskets
+ Bucket
+ Crane 
+ Sweeper
+ See Attachment Catalog for More